This page is a collaborative workspace, where we can share resources such as presentations, images, documents, videos, audio clips, blogs, websites and other wikis about learning in the 21st century. We can use the discussion tab at the top of the page to talk about ideas together on this theme.

Wordle: Student Learning in the 21st Century
Here is the Wordle cloud that we created together with our keywords on the theme of student-centred learning in the 21st Century. The message in this Wordle is really powerful - the words and phrases speak volumes. Please continue to use this Wordle to refer back to the key concepts that we discovered together and to serve as a reminder of what we should be trying to incorporate in our classrooms and learning spaces.

This is the list of words as a word document.

Remember how it used to be?


This is Kim Cofino's presentation on what is a 21st century learner. The images convey a powerful message. Sarah.

This one should go hand in hand with the one above, also by Kim Cofino. Sarah

21st century school teacher blog is an ongoing source of new ideas and teaching strategies for the 21st century classroom. There are links to many websites offering web 2.0 applications suitable for using in school.

What is 21st century education?
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Here is a link to the website of the Asia Foundation, which has been running a research-based project on defining 21st century skills and supporting curriculum development for 21st century learning. The framework was completed in May 2009 and is being implemented in a number of US states.


Shift Happens

One of Ingrid's 'YouTube' selections for this area is " A vision of K-12 students today" by B. Nesbitt :-

Another YouTube clip contributed by Ingrid. This one is Professor Stephen Heppell speaking to a workshop of adult learners about the attributes and attitudes of 21st Century Learning:-