Student Centred Learning in the 21st Century – AIS 1 day workshop 30th October 2009

Activity: “Hopes for the day”

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Responses: Achieved list (Fantastic!)

ü To explore ways to move students into the 21st century using more technology
ü To interact with other MYP content teachers to develop strategies to enhance my classes ( ie. Making them more interactive)
ü New practical ideas to implement into my class. Share good practices with others
ü To make change easier.
ü To feel more confident using all technology in classroom.
ü I hope to provide a broad overview of what SCLin21stCentury means(Ingrid).
ü Get some new ideas of how to use digital tools in my work and specific tools to use in the classroom.
ü Get as many ideas from session 2 as I can to use in my classroom ( webtools)
ü Network with other Math and PE teachers.
ü That lunch is tasty (!???).
ü To meet like-minded ideas and share ideas.
ü Learn about how to use technology to teach very new English speakers
ü Learn more interactive tools to encourage the students to be more interested in my subject.
ü To include technology in the curriculum in a meaningful way.
ü Make new connections, meet new colleagues and share ideas.
ü Learn more about computer tools for education.Networking and to come up with websites I can use for my subject area.
ü To interact with other language B teachers.
ü IT skills and use of net-based info. to help me plan.
ü Finding more web2.0 tools to incorporate in teaching in a purposeful way rather than for the sake of using gadget.
ü Hoping for useful and inspiring IT ideas/knowledge that I can put to use.
ü Useful tools to use in collaborative student work.
ü To get some fabulous ideas to use in the classroom.
ü Web 2.0 to get interesting tools to use in the classroom.
ü To have fun and learn a lot.

Responses: ‘middle of the road’ list

o To learn ‘how’ and ‘what’ we can teach in the coming decade

Reader comments:

From Ingrid:-
I believe that if we can motivate and challenge our students to become independent inquirers and life-long learners through guiding and teaching them the skills to do that ( i.e. The ‘how’); then the ‘What’ (i.e. Content) will develop naturally from their own interest and through a negotiated but relevant selection of global knowledge and understandings suitable for that particular school and or country.
Apart from that – who can possibly foresee what is ‘around the corner’ but with the rapidity in which the world is changing we need to ‘arm’ the future generation with the best possible strategies we can offer.

What do you think?

o I hope to learn something useful which will help me to keep up with changing technology.

Readers comments:

From Ingrid:
1. The book I recommend as extremely useful for ‘beginners’ in getting a handle on Web 2.0 is called “Blogs, Wikis, My Space, and More: Everything you want to know about using Web 2.0 but are afraid to ask”, by Terry Burrows ISBN 9781 55652 7562 pub. Chicago Review Press ( US edition) – there is a UK version with a different cover and ISBN. I bought my copy from Amazon. There are lots and lots of additional websites to try out too.

Responses: “Still to do”

Ø I hope/wish for local Arendal schools to get to know a little about AIS

Readers comments:-

From Sarah:
1. I think that the PD day offered some insight into the style of the curriculum and learning that is offered at AIS. However, in order to find out more, you would be welcome to come and visit us again and also come and talk to our staff and students to find out more.

Ø Always ready for new information then I use what I can use.

Readers comments:-

From Ingrid:
Fabulous! Read through the IB Learner profile and reflect on yourself as a global citizen – I think you are well on the way if not there already!

Ø Improve my knowledge and understanding?
Readers comments:-

From Ingrid:
Please do for yourself what we do ( or expect them to do) to our children:- keep learning– become a life-long learner – motivation and perseverance is what is needed! Participate in as much PD as you can manage and do some professional reading too.

From Ingrid:
IB is now starting its second year on online courses. Look for the Web 2.0 course when it starts again. It is a lot of work but very rewarding if you really want to further your ability to use Web 2.0 tools and environments.

From Sarah:
​The IB online course that Ingrid refers to is being offered again in March and may be a good option for you to follow. Also, I suggest following some of the websites and blogs and revisiting the slideshows and video clips suggested on this wiki on the 21st Century learning page.