Welcome to this wiki, which has been created especially for our professional development day that will take place on October 30th, 2009 at Arendal International School. We are happy to invite you to our school and look forward to your participation at this event.

The theme for the day is
Student Centred Learning in the 21st Century. The exponential rate at which our world is changing presents us with new challenges in educating our students for life in today's information-rich society. The video clip below highlights the importance of educating students with strong information literacy skills that will prepare them better for their future.

We are very lucky to have two guest speakers attending the event; Ingrid Skirrow and Jamie Williams come to us with a wealth of experience. Both are greatly involved in the IBO and may be considered experts and excellent role models in their respective fields.

This wiki will provide all participants with the necessary information about the day. Click on the links in the navigation space on the left-hand side to access the relevant pages. This is also a collaborative working space. All participants are invited to become members of this wiki. We can use it to share resources with each other and as a forum for discussion of ideas pertinent to the theme of the day and beyond. Knowledge sharing is key to us all continuing on our journey as lifelong learners.