Background reading for the morning workshop

'Visible thinking' by Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a very informative website illustrating how guiding student inquiries will support the development of thinking skills.

In the PYP, thinking skills are one of the five Transdisciplinary skills which teachers should be developing as part of their daily teaching routines. The other transdisciplinary skills are research skills; communication skills; self-management skills and social skills.
(PYP teachers - please bring your copy of the 'Making the PYP Happen' framework to the workshop).

In the MYP document "From principles into practice" ( please bring your copy if relevant to your age-group), there is a strong argument included in the section on Areas of Interaction (from p20) describing these as the basis of student inquiry. The five areas of interaction are: approaches to learning; community and serivce; health and social education; environments; human ingenuity. It is in 'approaches to learning' that similarities to the PYP transdisciplinary skills can be found: organisation; collaboration; communication; information literacy; reflection; thinking, transfer.

These are all part of supporting and guiding students to inquire into their own learning.